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About Us

A headshot of Diane standing in front of a brightly lit window, smilling awkwardly at the camera.

Whenever you wash any fabric, tiny microfibres break off and enter the water systems. In the case of plastic-based synthetics, those microfibres remain to pollute the waterways. Natural fibres are different because they biodegrade. This quality means they do not pollute the same way synthetics do.

Hampshire Hill combines my long-time labour of love, weaving, with an environmental initiative. The fibre content of all my products is 100% natural, consisting of cotton, wool, or alpaca. Every natural fibre has its own unique advantages. Cotton can be machine washed and dried. Wool will stay warm even if its soaking wet, and alpaca is softer and warmer than wool.

I care about everything that I make, and a lot of time and consideration goes into each piece. I hope that in browsing this website, you might come to care about weaving too. Thank you for visiting Hampshire Hill.

Everything I make is an original one-of-a-kind piece. I've created a special page to showcase my past projects and to pay tribute to the people who have supported me. You can see them at:

Past Projects by Diane H.

You can also contact Diane if you have any questions or comments by filling out the fields below.