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Cotton extra small bookmark

Cotton extra small bookmark


Our Extra Small Cotton Bookmark is handmade with natural fibres and linen, and is available in colors like Green & White, Orange, Brown, and Brown & Orange. Decorated with a fringe and washer safe, these colorful bookmarks are a unique way to save your spot in your favorite book! Made in Canada. Ready to jumpstart your reading experience?


Green & white

100% cotton

18.7cm by 5cm (7” by 2”)


100% cotton

20cm by 4.5cm (8” by 2”)


Warp: 100% cotton, weft: 100% linen

19cm by 5.5cm (8” by 2”)

Brown & orange

100% cotton

19.5cm by 5cm (8” by 2”)

Promise Badges

  • Handmade in Canada
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60/10 (15dpi)
Care type: A

Care Instructions

Care Type A
Thread – Cotton Only
Machine washable. Wash in cold water at delicate setting. Wash with like colours. Do not bleach. Lie flat to dry. Do not press. Do not dry-clean.